Rice:             200 gms
Green or Red Chillies:     4 – cut into pieces
Black gram:         one Teaspoon heap (Ulutham paruppu in Tamil, Urid Dal in Hindhi)
Bengal gram:         two teaspoon heap (Kadalai Paruppu in Tamil, Chana Dal in Hindhi)
Curry Leaves:         about 20 leaves (Kariveppilai in Tamil, curry patha in Hindhi)
Cumin seeds:         Half teaspoon (Kadugu in Tamil, Rai in Hindhi)
Asafoetida:         one pinch (Perungayam in Tamil, Hing in Hindi)
Gingili oil:         One table spoon
Salt:             to taste
Milk:             100 ml
Curd:             200 gms
Ginger:             one piece – only if one likes (At times, during seasons, the route of Mango-ginger known as “Maa-Inji, is available. If this mango taste ginger is cut into smaller pieces and mixed into the cooked rice then the taste would be very rich with a fine flavour and aroma!)

Preparation Method
First, fry in gingili oil the black gram and Bengal gram to golden color; now add the chili pieces, cumin seeds, curry leaves and asafoetida.

While hot, immediately pour these fried items to the curd and add salt. Now you’ll get the fine aroma of Iyengar Dodyonam aka Dahi bath!

Leave this for few minutes and then mix into the cooked rice. The rice absorbs it and becomes somewhat tight. Now add the boiled milk and mix it together. You got the tasty Iyengar Dahi annam (Curd Rice) as prepared in the Srivaishnava Temples. This menu serves for four persons.



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