An appeal from Kandoor Sri Kalyana Varadhar Koil Kainkarya Sabhai



Kandoor Village is embraced by Sriperumbudur, the birth place of Sri Bhagavad Ramanujar on one side and Maduramangalam the birth place of Sri Embar on the other.

Kandoor is 1km away from Maduramangalam and is connected by road with green fields on both sides and huge lake named ‘Maveri’.

History goes that Sri Embar and Bhagawad Ramanuja in their younger days on many occasions had either passed through Kandoor village or has associated themselves with this village. Though there are no authentic records available to substantiate this, we can evidence this through the fact that there are as many Ramanuja sambhandis and Swami Mudaliyandan Sishyas who are natives of this village. Moreover, Vazhi Thirunamam of Sri Bhagavad Ramanujar and Sri Embar are recited as part of Nithya anusandhanam and during Sattrumurai.

The presiding deity of Kandoor village is ‘Sri Kalyana Varadhar’. Bhagawadas living in and around this village regard Him as Sri Varadaraja Perumal of nearby Kanchipuram Divya Desam.

Swami Embar of Madhuramangalam offers mangalasasanam to Kalyana Varadhar on the 8th day of Swamy’s Avathara Utsavam which falls generally in the month of January Tamil month ‘Thai’ every year, familiarly known as ‘Kandoor Ettam Utsavam’. Entire Kandoor receives Swami at the outskirts of the village with honours from where procession is led to Sri Kalyana Varadhar Sannidhi and Tiruvaradhanam, Sevai Sattrumurai etc., are performed & prasadams are distributed to the devotees besides many who visit the temple from Kanchipuram and other places.

It is an established fact that Sri Kalyana Varadhar has immense powers and for the same reason Bhagawadas lay their trust on Him by offering prayers and prarthanas.

This very old temple which is associated right from Bhagawad Ramanujar-Sri Embar’s time is now in a dilapidated condition and needs extensive repairs to regain its best glory. Due to various circumstances the living population moved out of the village and there are very few natives who have come up to take up this Kainkaryams.


However, an attempt has been made by a few philanthropic people to take the task of renovating this old temple.

It is estimated that the repairs and renovation of this old temple including expenses of Balalayam & Samprokshanam will go up to 20 Lakhs of Rupees, approximately. Balalayam is scheduled for 6th and 7th of November 2011 and Samprokshanam is proposed to be completed before mid of January 2012.

A committee has been formed for this purpose in the name of Kandoor ‘Sri Kalyana Varadhar Koil Kainkarya Sabhai’. The committee requests all devotees to come forward to contribute their mite for this noble cause and seek the blessings of Lord Sri Kalyana Varadhar.

It would be relevant to mention with gratitude that the present Acharyan Sri Mudaliandan Swami is showing keen interest in renovating this temple.


Contact details:

Kandoor Sri Kalyana Varadhar Koil Kainkarya Sabhai
3/5, Adithya Apartments, Chakrapani Street Chennai-600 033.
Phone: +91-44-2372 0742

Donors are requested to send Cheques / DD in favor of


SB A/c No. 009101000000007

Indian Overseas Bank

Pondy Bazaar, Near Panagal Park Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

IFSC Code: IOBA0000091



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